What is PRP (Platet-Rich Plasma)?

If you want to completely overhaul your skin’s texture, tone and radiance, PRP may be the fit for you. Your own PRP is drawn out and to isolated the growth factors. This PRP is then used to stimulated collagen and blood flow to the area its placed.

What is PRP Used For?

Anyone who wants to increase their skin’s health and volume naturally while reducing fine lines would find PRP appealing. A quick 20 minute procedure with very little discomfort can be used for several different occasions;

  • Helps restore full, healthy hair with increased blood to the scalp.
  • Shed years of old skin without a facelift
  • Can be combined with other treatments such as PDO for even more powerful effects.
  • PRP is an all-around anti-aging superhero that can fight most signs of aging.

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