The Perfect 10 Peel is a medical grade blended chemical peel offered at Precision Fitness and Spa. These types of peels reflect how chemical peels have advanced over time. We used to use only one peeling ingredient at very high concentrations which injured and then rejuvenated the skin. In contrast, the Perfect 10 Peel blends several more natural chemical peeling ingredients each at a lower concentration to achieve the same degree of skin rejuvenation.

These new peels feature “layered technology” where the blended active ingredients work together, additively, synergistically, to potentiate each other–optimizing the results. This new technology is less caustic, safer, more predictable, more focused on specific skin problems so customizable, less uncomfortable, and faster to heal.
The Perfect 10 Peels are categorized as superficial to, at most, light to medium depth peels.
Intermediate: for sensitive to normal skin types. A few additional ingredients than the Universal Peel

Advanced: for normal to thicker skin types. Our most aggressive chemical peel–can have some redness and downtime for a few days.

How should I prepare for my treatment?

If you are in the sun for a prolonged period of time, use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher and liberally reapply it throughout the day in all of your treatment areas that are exposed. Avoid exfoliating products for 48 hours before your treatment. If you are unsure about any products you are using please contact our office.

How should I expect to feel after my treatment?

Your skin may be red immediately after your treatment and should dissipate within the first few hours after your treatment. You can expect peeling approximately 48 hours after your treatment with light flaking a few days after that. Every client is different. Any additional post care that pertains to you will be given to you at the time of your appointment. Makeup can be worn after the procedure. We recommend 2-4 Vi Peels a year to achieve optimal results along with proper at home skin care.

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