Permeant makeup is a technique of using a very thin needle and pigment to add color to accentuate the face. This procedure is very valuable to those who have certain allergies or seem to sweat their makeup off through sports. It is also very useful at saving you time and money of having to reapply makeup every day.

How Long Does Permeant Makeup Last?

It can last up to 2 years without a touch up. This way you can change styles or color without being stuck with the same look.

Main areas for Permeant Makeup

  • Eyebrows: For those who want fuller looking eyebrows and also have more delicate eybrow shading
  • Eyeliner: Brighten your eyes without worrying about smudging during athletic activity. No more watery, itchy eyes!
  • Lips: Provides a natural color without the hassle of reapply makeup and it’s dulling. Added with a filler procedure will enhance the effect
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