Before And Afters

Jennifer Speiser

2nd Place Open and Novice 2013 Gateway Naturals
6th Place 2013 Muscle Mayhem
1st Place 2013 NPC Omaha Pro
1st Place 2014 NPC Midwest Championship

Jes Karj

1st Place 2012 NPC Midwest Naturals
1st Place 2012 Omaha Pro
1st Place 2013 Midwest Pro
11th Place 2013 Arnold Classic

Ana H.

10 Week Transformation
3rd Place 2013 Dexter Jackson Classic Open Bikini

Mike Maclin

August 2012 April 2013
Weight 395lbs Weight 231bs
Bodyfat 56% Bodyfat 20%
Waist 64 inches Waist 38inches
He lost over 2ft in his waist and 165lbs of fat!


Kristin Vandeven

10 Week Transformation
2013 Midwest Pro



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