The PFMS Nutrition Program is not a one size fit all program. It is a very precise approach for each individual person to address their gut health and hormone balance. Which we have found is the root cause that prevents an individual from obtaining their goal.  We also address the pitfalls that caused them to not only get into their current health issues but also reverting into their old habits and excuses.

We have 3 critical phases in our Nutrition Program.

1st: Using Low Inflammatory Foods and Elimination of what we know are moderate and High Inflammatory foods.

2nd: Reintroduction of Moderate Inflammatory foods to see how the gut and body responds.

3rd: Maintain and Balance using the foods identified and tools taught to get through holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and day to day life.

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Lauren did a wonderful facial. This was my first time at Precision Fitness & Spa. A friend gifted a facial with Lauren. What a wonderful gift! Lauren was beyond sweet and knowledge. It was a very covid clean med spa. The front desk staff were very kind as well. I booked my next appointment with Lauren because I had such a nice experience. The portal also allowed me to do all my paperwork prior to the appointment.

2 weeks after that I received filler under my eyes and I feel like the little steps we took were perfect and subtle for me to achieve my goal! Jennifer & Rachel were so helpful and full of info to help me understand everything!! Needless to say it was a major confidence boost and would recommend them to everyone!!

Life does not stop because we want to be in shape, the goal is to teach each client the foods that work best with their body and in their day-to-day routine.  The key is to learn how to balance their fitness / health with their family and social life.  Without your health you can not be the best for your family and your career.

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Medical Weight Loss

we offer personalized healthcare through lab tests aimed at preventing chronic disease using cell sciences and labcorp. We pull full wellness panels, Alcat testing, CICA (chrons, IBS, celiac assay), MethylDetox, Telomere Length testing and Cellular nutrition assays.


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Personal Training

Hormones deliver complex signals throughout your body to orchestrate healing, recovery and performance. Improve your health at any age by achieving optimal levels of hormones in your body.



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