Fitness and Nutrition

Competion Prep

Owner and founder Jamie Speiser has trained over 100 competitors to date who have hit the stage and left with awards as well as been a competitor himself.  Jamie receive…


Personal Training

Each of our personal trainers have excelled in their area of expertise and are here to work WITH you and train you depending on your fitness levels. No matter what your goals.


Lifestyle transformation

 The Lifestyle Transformation is designed to
change your lifestyle from the inside out. We combine nutrition, fitness, and healthy habits to achieve an overall goal of a healthier,
happier, stronger you!

exercise program

Precision Fitness and Spa Exercise Programs are tailored to your needs. We can customize a program for you to workout at home, travel and the gym

meal plans

Our nutrition program is comprehensive and focuses on your goals. Work with us to learn how to eat for fat loss, muscle gain, and to sustain overall health. We offer meal…


Meal plan & exercise program

Precision Fitness meal planning plus exercise programs are designed to work together to achieve the fitness goals in the shortest amount of time.


We carry an extensive line of the top performing supplements on the market 

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