I believe that complete proteins from animal sources should be the foundation of every meal you consume. If you are vegetarian, my diet will not be workable for you. Animal meat comes with not only high quality protein (all essential amino acids are present); it also has fat soluble vitamins and the fat to help them absorb and be utilized effectively, as long as you choose the right kind.


The many benefits of protein consumption are to numerous to list, but here are a few:

  • Protein is always referred to as the building blocks of cells, as key structural components of cells are made up of proteins. Getting it right at the cellular level is where it all starts if you want to improve health.

  • If you are familiar with what happens deep within muscles during activity, you know that actin and myosin are proteins that interact, enabling muscle contraction.

  • Whether it is organs, skin, or even bones, protein plays a major role in the integrity of that structure.

  • Even all of the enzymes you use to digest food are made from specific proteins.

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